Porzingis swats/dunks on the “Crying Knicks Fan” kid

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Remember this little punk? Back on NBA Draft Night 2015 he got picked up by ESPN cameras and came to symbolize the reaction most Knicks fans had about Phil taking Porzingis with the 4th pick.

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Obviously all of us who initially doubted the prowess of Godzingis, including this kid, were very quickly proven wrong. Since then the kid has sort of become Kristaps’ unofficial biggest fan, even getting to meet the giant Latvian prior to a game last season. To this point Porzingis has played along with the kid and has always been very forgiving about the whole Draft Night situation. But recently Alabaster Ewing saw his opportunity to get even, and he did not waste it.

Dream of a lifetime playing against my idol @kporzee

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Retribution, thy name is Kristaps. I’m sure dunking on an 8 year old never felt so rewarding. Funny thing is that ‘Zingis can do the exact same shit to someone that’s 6’10”. God, I can’t wait for basketball season.

-Mr. Jersey

Never Change, Allen Iverson, Never Change


So apparently, after his Hall of Fame induction, Allen Iverson left his Hall of Fame trophy (legit didn’t know that was even a thing) at his hotel as he left town. Hey, people, if you’re shocked by this news, you’ve obviously never heard anything about Allen Iverson. The guy probably thought he would just buy a new trophy wherever it is he was going to as soon as his plane landed. Packing is for suckers, money is forever. Read a book. Hell, Iverson probably throws out the big bucks and buys the trophy at an up marked price at the Airport rather than buying the sensible, reasonably priced replica at Dick’s. When you’re the greatest basketball player to ever to come out of the state of Virginia, you don’t need trophies…they’re about as useful as talking about practice. Keeping trophies is such a Moses Malone move; legends leave shit like that behind.

Since we’re talking about AI, I’d like to take this opportunity to admit one of the more embarrassing blunders in my life. Continue reading “Never Change, Allen Iverson, Never Change”

Richard Jefferson “Leaked” the Cavs Championship Rings and They Are Fire Flames


Richard Jefferson just making headlines. First, he retired on top via Snapchat, then a chaotic crowd at the parade celebration got him to commit to another year by chanting “one more year”, and now this.

Now, these are without a doubt the sexiest championship rings in the history of Cleveland, nay, the world. The raised big “C” logo, the millions of diamonds, everyone’s numbers on the top of the ring, the skyline…simply beautiful.

Richard Jeffersons snapchat is one of the funniest, best accounts out there. The guy is a fantastic follow. He correctly predicted Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors (the same Warriors who blew a 3-1 lead in the Finals), he invented Lil Kev, he proved Lebron actually drives a Kia, and he’s leaking Championship rings.

I would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to Richard Jefferson. After watching a game earlier this year where he went 0-century from 3 point land in the first half, I compared him to a dead dolphin that died taking selfies with Buenos Aires tourists. When I proclaimed him a dead dolphin, he finished the game with like 5-pointers and then found the fountain of youth and actually contributed to the Cavs Championship run.

I’m sorry, Richard. I truly am. You sir, are no dead dolphin.




Top Stories in the NBA 56 Days Out of the 2016-2017 Season


We’re 56 days away from the Return of the King and the rest of the NBA townspeople. As the first tip off draws closer, the pot is starting to stir. The (most boring) Olympics basketball games are over with another US Gold. Here’s some fun/interesting headlines and how I think it may impact the 2016-2017 season.  Continue reading “Top Stories in the NBA 56 Days Out of the 2016-2017 Season”