Richard Jefferson “Leaked” the Cavs Championship Rings and They Are Fire Flames


Richard Jefferson just making headlines. First, he retired on top via Snapchat, then a chaotic crowd at the parade celebration got him to commit to another year by chanting “one more year”, and now this.

Now, these are without a doubt the sexiest championship rings in the history of Cleveland, nay, the world. The raised big “C” logo, the millions of diamonds, everyone’s numbers on the top of the ring, the skyline…simply beautiful.

Richard Jeffersons snapchat is one of the funniest, best accounts out there. The guy is a fantastic follow. He correctly predicted Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors (the same Warriors who blew a 3-1 lead in the Finals), he invented Lil Kev, he proved Lebron actually drives a Kia, and he’s leaking Championship rings.

I would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to Richard Jefferson. After watching a game earlier this year where he went 0-century from 3 point land in the first half, I compared him to a dead dolphin that died taking selfies with Buenos Aires tourists. When I proclaimed him a dead dolphin, he finished the game with like 5-pointers and then found the fountain of youth and actually contributed to the Cavs Championship run.

I’m sorry, Richard. I truly am. You sir, are no dead dolphin.




The Celebration Continues

The Promise keeper sure did keep his promise. Let’s take a look at the best pictures/videos/stories coming out since the championship trophy has made it home to the Land.

Mood. #OneForTheLand

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Somewhere out in this magic, beautiful world of ours, Michael Jordan is teeing off on one of the 36 holes he plans to play today. He’s got the hoop earring in, he’s wearing his best Dad jeans, probably smoking a stoagie…and he’s smiling. The ’96 Bulls may have lost their regular season title by one game this year…but they put that one win where it mattered more. The NBA Finals. Smile big for me Air Jordan, because I’m smiling just as large if not greater.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Mr. Jersey for covering the Finals for me. I have never been a jinx guy or a superstitious individual…but boy did that go out the window after completely diving into that lifestyle which resulted in the first NBA Championship in Cleveland. (I will never not wear my red and black Adidas style Kyrie Irving jersey in an elimination game for the rest of my life.) But tis true, I was scared if I posted about the Cavs I would jinx them. Mr. Jersey picked up the slack and delivered posts 1000x better than anything I have posted. Well done, sir.

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Forget Lebron/Draymond; These Two Are the Most Intense Head to Head Matchup of the Finals

Oh baby is there something in the water in Golden State or what?! Well actually yeah there is, it’s money, lots and lots of tech money. The Cavs may have handled the Warriors last night on the back of a combined 82 points from Kyrie and Lebron but blondie on the right left me very impressed as well. This coming after that stick of dynamite in the crop top was a centerpiece of games 1 and 2, getting all up in Steph’s head. Pray for Ayesha! She must be on ho-alert 24/7. But I guess when your man is the only person to ever hit 300 400 three’s in a season you better have “Proficient in Fighting Off Thots” on your resume. Ayesha may have her man under control but I know that’s not the case for the rest of you animals. So who ya got? Ebony or Ivory? Pouty lips or unreal hips? Belly Shirt or “I can’t believe I did my last 8 ball for this,” stare? Let’s go to the tape:

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Cleveland, the time is NOW!


I’m getting a ton of work done today. Definitely not watching youtube videos like the one below.


(Not jokes, so hot right now)

Deep breaths, Cleveland faithful, we can do this. We can win this. The keys to success are in our hands. This is our time. This is our moment. These are our finals.

Yes, the Warriors are scary good. If they beat us, they will go down in history as the greatest NBA team ever. But we can stop them.

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What a game. What a series. What a tremendous amazing awesome time to be alive to be a Cavs fan! Back to back Eastern Conference Champs. Lebron going to his 6th straight finals. Kyrie and Kevin 100% healthy with 6 days of rest before we tip off for Larry O’Brien.

The Blog:30 team is excited. The 216 (both zip code and year) is excited. COACH IS LOSING HIS GOD DAMN MIND!!! Third time is the charm. The Summer of Coach: Tokyo Drift is fully engaged.

Kevin Love is healthy
Kyrie Irving is healthy
Lebron is back to domination mode.
Channing Frye can’t miss.
JR Smith is swishing errything
Richard Jefferson is playing like a 24 year old again.
Delli is ALL IN
Thompson is on the brink of beast mode.
Mo Williams is back on the squad.
Ty Lue is crushing it.
Dan Gilbert is an 8 ball deep.
Shumpert might win a grammy for his epic rap game.

CLEVELAND STAND UP! It’s our time. It’s our year. It’s our championship.





-The Happiest of Coach