The Great Dragon Debate of 2016


Interesting. Very interesting indeed. Listen, I’m a dragon guy. Always have been, always will be. I’m not saying I own kimonos with dragons on them as I stare at my sword collection and throw ninja stars around my house, but I’m well versed in all media portrayal of dragons. I done seen Smaug get desolated. I was kicking it with Pete’s Dragon before DVDs were invented. Where were you when Liu Kang finished off Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation? I was watching with bated fire breath in my basement.

And yes, I obviously fucks with Game of Thrones. You don’t become the #1 blog of choice in Finland and not cover Game of Thrones.* Let’s just say if I had to grade myself on a dragon…scale…I would put myself at about 7/10, mostly because I’m my own biggest critic, but I do believe I can accurately tell you whether this dragon is real or not.

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Start Your Week Off With the Lost Art of Music Videos


Not to sound like the old guy yelling out the clouds, but it’s a shame that music videos pretty much don’t exist anymore. Sure, youtube is always there full of all videos young and old, but it’s not the same. I was sick last Thursday, and as is tradition I watched Price is Right from 11-12, but I was robbed of one of the more magical stay home sick from school perks…no music videos on MTV from 12-5 until TRL or Room Raiders came on.

Which is a shame. Music videos are a rare, all encompassing art form. They can be crazy, magical, nonsensical, life changing…you name it, there’s a music video that describes that expresses that feeling. Here’s a rapidly thrown together Top 5 music videos that truly took the combination of music and video to heart.  Continue reading “Start Your Week Off With the Lost Art of Music Videos”

NFL Week 6 Daily Fantasy Picks


Editor’s Note: Just a reminder that this dude won a motherfucking $100,000.00 doing this shit last weekend. Help yourself out by taking his advice. If you just want the picks (freakin mooch), just scroll down and ignore the chatter and tricks of the trade. But don’t come crying to us when your “sure thing” lineup didn’t pan out.

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Friday Dog Blog

So I work in a small town in CT and the local Ice Cream Man is a well known commodity, Papa Joe. He drives this 1940’s ford truck with the freezers build onto the bed of the truck. No roof no doors and he drives 20 mph everywhere he goes. It sucks to get stuck behind him. But the thing about Papa Joe is that he always has his golden retriever Bailey with him. I’ve only ever seen Bailey just chillin the truck as they drive by but today I got to meet Bailey. Easily the best part of my day! She wanted to play fetch but also wanted a belly rub all while wagging her tail so hard that her whole body was wiggling…It was fantastic! Dogs just doing dogs things. Since none of you got to meet Bailey today I was feeling guilty and  found some great dog videos for the Friday Dog Blog! Have a great weekend everyone!

YouTube Rabbit Hole: Whose Line Is It Anyways

Got caught watching these videos at work today and my co-worker joined in for a few minutes. Whose Line is it Anyways? is something most people can appreciate. Fat Drew Carey, Ryan Stiles, Colin whats his name, Wayne Brady… this was great TV. Video one is fantastic and will suck you into this rabbit hole in no time. Great way to spend your last 45 minutes on this slow Thursday.