Coach’s Swan Song


This is it people. The last you’ll hear from ol’ Coach. Sometimes something happens that is so preposterous and simple you have to come out of blog retirement just to vent about it. I work in an office (sick brag) and part of my daily duties is to answer the phone. There are 7 people in the office, and we all rotate who answers the phone. Some of us answer more than others (points finger at self.)  Continue reading “Coach’s Swan Song”

This List of 12 Things Men Do Differently Than Women Is The Worst Thing on the Internet

There’s no picture, no intro, and really, no commentary necessary. The people who read this list, found on tickld, are exactly why a man like Donald Trump can run for President. It’s just awful nonsense. It’s no secret Blog:30 is like, a day away from pulling the ol’ Irish Goodbye. Hell, it could have already happened. If so, this is my swan song. This is what I want to be remembered for. Not the Cavs posts, the GoTs posts, the wildly unpopular podcast…no. I want to be remembered as the guy who did his best to get shitty lists like this off the internet and out of human beings’s brain cells.

Also, typically when we here at blog:30 (RIP?) rip apart these lists, it’s written by a woman explaining trends among males. Not today folks, here we have what I have to assume is a caveman of a male who probably watched a few too many episodes of Seinfeld and thought observational humor was his true calling.  Continue reading “This List of 12 Things Men Do Differently Than Women Is The Worst Thing on the Internet”

Friday Dog Blog

Blog:30 has been slow, real slow. Some may even say it is a sinking ship…Well dammit if its sinking, I’m going to go down like that string quartet on the Titanic, doing what I love til the very end. Friday Dog Blog is back! Hope you enjoy!

Best video I’ve seen in a LONG time! Dog’s favorite toy is a stuffed Gumby, so his dad dresses up as Gumby and the Dog loses its mind! MUST WATCH.


MUST READ story of a Bachelor Party finding and rescuing 7 puppies and their mother. 

Today, Annie and all 7 of her puppies are doing wonderfully and have fantastic lives ahead of them – best of all, they all live in the same area, within a 5-mile radius of one another and will get together for playdates for the rest of their lives!


(via Dogingtion post )Tucker is a 9-year old black Lab mix and the world’s only canine marine biologist. Formerly a stray on the streets of Seattle, this special dog now spends his time sniffing out and tracking orca, also known as killer whales, off the coast of Washington.

Dogs and Orcas are my favorite animals, you need to read that article to see how amazing tucker is! If your not into reading here is a video of him playing with his toy.


RIP Vine. Here is a youtube video of a bunch of vines with/about dogs. (The opposite of a must watch but its important to honor the fallen) RIP Vine.





RIP Vine


Vine is dying. They done pulled the plug and are letting it die a natural death. I liked Vine. It was a lawless land with laughs for days. Anytime I felt hungover and didn’t want to get out of bed, I would spend an hour watching the 6 second videos until I ran into the ones I watched the weekend before. There’s a ton of fan favorites, but here are my personal favorites, for no reason whatsoever.  Continue reading “RIP Vine”

Green Day Fan Comes Around

Not since the Dookie Days has being a Green Day fan looked so cool! Just absolutely legendary. As a guitarist myself, there have been many of jam sessions where I day dreamed about getting pulled on stage to play with some of my favorite. Even the thought of it has me roller skating in a buffalo heard. Then this guy comes up on stage, plays When I Come Around like he wrote the damn song, and stage dives into the crowd as Basket Case blares in the background. I’m pretty sure as a Green Day fan that’s about as good as it gets.

This brings up an always interesting debate. Continue reading “Green Day Fan Comes Around”