It Got A Little Dusty Watching Julia Louis-Dreyfus Accept Her Emmy Last Night


First, let me go ahead and give the United Nations of Men my man card now.

Now that we have that beaten-to-death joke out of the way, I admit I watched the Emmys over the first three quarters of the SNF game last night. I’m a TV guy through and through. You give me 2 hours of life to do nothing with, and I watch 4 episodes of a TV show on Netflix rather than 1 movie every single time. It just seems like you’re getting more done when you’re actually doing nothing.

When Julia Louis-Dreyfus won her Emmy for her role as former President Selina Meyer I couldn’t have been happier. I don’t think Veep is an underrated show because they tend to clean up at the Emmys year after year, but I do feel like it flies under the radar a little more than it should. It’s a thousand times funnier from season to season than Silicon Valley. The only HBO show that’s funnier is Curb Your Enthusiasm, but Elaine goes tit for tat with Larry David on her best days.

Her acceptance speech was amazing. She started off apologizing for line between satire and reality becoming so blurred that the current political atmosphere might be to some degree he fault. It got the laughs it deserved.

“I’d also like to take this opportunity to personally apologize for the current political climate. I think that ‘Veep’ has torn down the wall between comedy and politics. Our show started out as a political satire but it now feels like a sobering documentary. So I soberly promise to rebuild that wall, and make Mexico pay for it.” – JLD

The whole speech however seemed a little off because she was shaky and visibly nervous/upset for some reason. You would think that now record breaking Emmy award winning actress would consider the acceptance speech as routine as riding a bike.

She then broke the devastating news that her father, William Louis-Dreyfus, self made billionaire, passed away two days prior to her winning. It cut the legs right out from underneath me. I’ve seen the majority of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s work. Seinfeld, Veep, Christmas Vacation, Arrested Development, The New Adventures of Old Christine…all solid shows where you never really see her play anything besides a funny, quick witted character. To see her truly devastated in one of the crowning achievements of her career gave me all the bad feels. It was a beautiful tribute.

Thankfully, Jimmy Kimmel did a pretty good job at keeping the jokes current, punchy, and constant enough to where the audience was able to bounce back quickly. That audible “awww” you heard when Julia dedicated the award to her late father was the exact reaction everyone in the world felt at the same time.

Also, shout out to Larry David. Can’t wait for Curb to come back.





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