Tyronn Lue “Invites” The Answer to Join Cavs Coaching Staff


Allen Iverson and Tyronn Lue had their battles over the course of their careers. Obviously everyone remembers the infamous step-over by A.I. after draining a jumper clinching game 1 of the 2001 NBA Finals as Lue laid helpless on the floor. “The Answer” even shouted him out during his emotional hall-of-fame speech, telling a funny story about how he teased the Cavalier coach, saying the only reason he got paid the following season was for “running around after me.”

TMZ Sports caught up with Lue at an airport to get a statement regarding the relationship A.I and the ex-Laker share, saying they’re like “brothers” now. Lue even went as far as to say, “he could come coach with me” when asked if the 76er legend would make a good coach in the NBA.

Source: Vibe

Allen Iverson, so hot right now, Allen Iverson. First of all, there’s absolutely no way this will happen. Not that I don’t want it to, I think it would be pretty cool. It’d be a nice way for Iverson to finally win that championship that Tyronn Lue’s Lakers prevented him from obtaining. Lue even went as far as throwing his body on the floor to prevent Iverson to hustle back on defense.*

But, the the NBA has a strict dress code for coaches. If I know anything about Iverson, it’s clearly not that his nickname was the Answer, but the guy for sure doesn’t own a suit. Did he have one on during his Hall of Fame induction? Yep. One quick trip to Joseph A. Banks, and that thing was probably left at his hotel just like his Hall of Fame trophy.

I think the only hope Cavs fans have of AI joining the coaching staff is if they invent not tuxedo tshirts, but suit tshirts. Is that invented already? Or did Coach just strike another gold mine idea and blast it out to the public again. I don’t know, I don’t fact check these things.


*The fact that Lue has never trolled the internet trolls by saying the step over was in fact him just playing aggressively defensive offense is a huge let down. Seems like that’s the perfect kind of Coach hindsight joke that reporters would eat up.


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