Week 2 of College football…woof

Week 2 of the college football schedule is for cupcakes, plain and simple. The spreads are huge, the money lines are laughable, and the real excitement lies with the NFL. There is n’t one match up on the board of 2 ranked teams. While most will look at the match ups and claim there isn’t one close game on the docket, I will scream my head off saying the only watchable game this week is VT vs those frauds in Knoxville.

It is the Prime Time game of the week but I feel like it was pegged for that distinction for all the wrong reasons. First bullshit reason, it is a neutral site game being played at a racetrack, (Bristol Motor Speed Way) and it is likely going to smash any attendance record out there simple because there is a mile’s worth of stands to fill. Second, the aforementioned frauds of Tennessee came into the season ranking in the top 10 and promptly lost to App State. (They should have lost to App State and only won by a stroke of luck)

The Real reason this game should be the prime time game of the week is simply because it will be the only match up with two big time schools, it might be the only completive game involving a ranked team. The Current line:

VT +11

O/U 53.5

I audibly scoffed at this line when I saw it. VT is under new managemen, yes, but they have the most talent on the Offensive side of the ball since Tyrod was running around Blacksburg. Bud Foster’s Defense is licking it chops after watching the Vols struggle against App State and won’t let the Vols get too far ahead even if they do take the lead. I love the UTENN QB and am worried he will come out ballin’ after stinking up the joint on a nationally televised game against an inferior opponent. In the end it will be the ghost of Beamer Ball that gives the Hokies the win. VT 24 UT 18

*Doc’s Orders: Literally bet the house and everything else you own on VT +11

*lock of the millennium


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