Bruno The Dog Saves Small Town From Depression

Dogs, man! I may not have as much time as I use to, to blog with the likes of Coach and Mr. Jersey but I will always make time to blog about incredible dog stories. Bruno is a dog up in a small town in Minnesota. He just appeared one day as a puppy and was adopted by a sweet family that lives 4 miles outside of the main drag of Longville. He was never been one for leashes fences or gates, nope, he was a roamer from day one. Just a free spirit dedicated to brightening as many Longvillers’ days as possible. Apparently, he has been doing this nearly everyday for 10+ years. You can just see how much Bruno means to these simple folk and Bruno know he’s probably the most exciting thing to happen to Longville, ever. So even though his hips, legs, and back is sore, he makes the trek each and everyday because he knows it’s not about him. It’s about the nice drug addict who works at the deli that feeds him everyday and Sharon who has been a “real estate agent” in a town with a population of 156 people for 8+ years and even the next generation of weird Minnesota folk, like that cracked out on ice cream kid in the video. Just a lone wolf saving a tiny town from depression one tail wag at a time. That’s just what dogs do, they only care about making people happy. I think it is safe to say that he has tried his damnest to make Longville Minnesota, a place somewhat bearable. Here’s to you you Bruno!




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