Friday Dog Blog

The Dog Day of Summer have really gotten to me on Fridays and I’ve really been slacking in the Friday Dog Blog department. So here is the bi monthly(?) Friday dog blog. As always there will be a wide range of emotions experienced while reading this blog. Enjoy!

I don’t care who you are this video is funny. If you are a dog lover however, you’ve never gone from concern to laughter so quickly. If this slip n slide was pointed towards the moon this dog would have been the first dog on the moon. He was absolutely launched in to the lake. The best part about this? That dog was headed back up to the slip n slide to  have another go at it. Just having the time of his life!

Hero Dog of the Week: Boomer

8.11.16 - Boomer of the RCMP

Boomer is a police dog from Nanaimo, British Columbia, and is a hero for rescuing an elderly woman from the wilderness she had been stuck in for four days. “With no track or scent detected near her car, Boomer and Wurzinger and the pilot from Air 8 set out searching the extensive array of logging roads,” said the police in a press release.  “Approximately 5 hours later Boomer straightened, alerting his handler to a possible scent of the missing woman. Constable Wurzinger climbed over a nearby embankment and miraculously, the missing female was spotted

No scent or tracks? Doesn’t matter because Boomer is on the case! You just know there is nothing Boomer loves more than working with his partner and saving the day. Sometimes its chasing down bad guys, other times it tracking down missing old ladies in the woods. Doesn’t matter to him because it is literally the best thing in the world to him. Treats to Booms

Feel Good Story

Guy decides that all the dogs at his local shelter need a serious upgrade in the bedding department so he does something about it. Enjoy watching these dog lay down in style for possibly the first time in their lives.




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