People Cannot Quit With Robots

When I was a child I remember my mother reading my a book titled “There Is A Monster At The End of This Book.”  The whole book was just Grover from Sesame Street pleading with you to not turn the page because there was a monster at the end of the book. A very simple concept for a book, even 4/5 year old Doc could understand that there was a terrible monster at the end of the book and we should stop turning the pages. Page after Page Grover warned us, pleaded, tried to bribed us, tried to charm us, begged, whatever it took to get us to stop turning the pages! But my mom would always turn the page like an idiot!

I feel like the robot industry is my dumb mom turning the page and I’m fucking Grover trying to save the world from itself. All we have to do quit robots. Just say fuck it. We’ve made it this far without robots, why do we NEED robots? I just don’t understand. I’m screaming, pleading, begging, blogging at the top of my lungs trying to get people to listen! I know I’ve gotten through to some of you but these fucking Asians just keep tinkering and tinkering. I mean honestly why the FUCK do we need to see 1000 robots synchronized* dancing. You pro-robot fucks are going to get us all killed! Luckily, the pro-trump people are also headed towards the same goal but at a much faster pace so if they succeed the robot nerds will be off the hook. But Can We Please Stop Turning the Pages!

*Those robots weren’t all synchronized the dude in the back fucked up SEVERAL times. 





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