Suspended President Rousseff Skipping the Opening Ceremony of Rio Olympics


The suspended Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, says she will not attend the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics because she does not want to take a secondary position in the Maracana stadium.

A spokesman for the interim President, Michel Temer, said she would have been placed in the stand below him and not at his side.

Her predecessor, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, has also refused the invitation despite being instrumental in Rio’s winning bid to host the games.

Both have said they are being politically persecuted by Mr Temer’s party and allies.

Ms Rousseff faces possible removal from office if she loses an impeachment trial shortly after the games and Lula is facing corruption allegations, which he denies.

Source: BBC News

Couple things. First, I think we should definitely have the ability to suspend our President. I’m not talking about like a serious suspension where you’re about to get impeached like what’s happening in Brazil right now, I’m talking like middle school you got in trouble for making clay boobs instead of a pinch pot in art class level of suspension. More of a time out for a political blunder rather than an ultimatum for President’s on Impeached Row.

Second, and most importantly, gotta steal the Presidential sash right?  That’s a no brainer. Feel like a doofus of a country for not already having one, especially on the heels of the news that we’re shorter than the bloody dutch. Don’t think the sash controls a room when you enter? Let me lay this right here for you to have a little looksie.


Yeah, that’s Joe Pesci’s stunt double without the sash.
On the contrary, take a look at the skyrocketing charisma of Mr. Obama with the added appropriate American sash.

What’s that sound you hear? Just a revolution going in right in front of your eyes, no big deal.

And finally, let’s call a spade a spade, missing out on the opening ceremony for your country, suspended or not, noble cause or not, is about as big of an omen on what’s about to happen in Rio as they come. Even your corrupt political leader doesn’t want to be associated with your country playing host, and corrupt political leader’s absolutely LOVE sporting events.

Here we see Hitler at the Olympics, Putin with the Olympic Torch, and Frank Costello with the bad guy from the Hunger Games at a Lakers game.





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