Average Joe Explains: Taxes

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So I had a dream last night that out my mind in a pretzel about Taxes. As I awoke I tried unravel the confusion and frustration that I was feeling about taxes due to the dream. As the remnants of the details faded away like most dreams one thing remained the same, what a fucking scam taxes are huh? I mean our lives could easily be broken down into 2 possibly 3 categories when it comes to money. The main 2 are income and expenses. Making money and spending money, we get taxed for doing both. A 3rd possible category is not spending or making money, but guess what, you get taxed for that too in a way. I mean what the actual fuck? You can’t do a damn thing without being taxed for it.

Taxes are a good idea in theory, especially the whole no taxation without representation part but when is the last time you had a say in what is taxed and at what rate? Never probably. Oh but Doc, we get to vote on our representatives… so in a way we do… SHUT IT! The majority of government reps are working towards a personal or corporate agenda. Don’t try to tell me I have a say in what is taxed and what isn’t. A common citizen hasn’t been able to do that since the 1700’s. Yet we hold on to this outdated idea that we have representation when it comes to taxes. Just like we hold on to traditions that literally make no sense and we only do them because that’s the way some people did it hundreds of years ago. Take Marriage for example, some say this idea of marriage is an outdated concept, look at the divorce rates etc. etc. Guess what happens if you don’t get married? Yup you get Taxed…

Taxes are collected to provide services to the citizens of the community. Be it your local town or the Country as a whole. To be honest I’m not sure which one I’m more frustrated with. On one hand I know the federal government is taxing everyone to provide “services” AKA provide a military. A Bad Ass military at that but do we really need to be spending billions of dollars on planes and ships that are slightly more advanced than the previous model. I’m pretty sure we are light years ahead of any other nation in terms of fire power so maybe let’s take it down a notch on military spending and give tax payers a break. Fire/police departments usually fall under local jurisdiction so I guess those taxes are understandable, I don’t want to have to put out a house fire with a 20 year old fire extinguisher and my newly purchased watering canteen for my newly acquired tomato plant. Roads and infrastructure are, I’m told a big part of where the Tax money goes so let’s check in on that. Now I know every road is different but I imagine most communities have problem areas on their roads regardless but c’mon we have to figure something out, I can’t be popping a tire every 6 months due to potholes. “Infrastructure in the US is the most dangerous out of all developed countries”  is a headline I read somewhere at some point so it has to be true. And if it is What the Fuck man? How many people are contributing to taxes every fucking day? Probably the same amount that are using the dangerous bridges roads and buildings every day and not realizing that shit can collapse any minute. Where is the money going?! I want someone to tell me like I’m a 10 5 year old. Explain to me where my thousands of dollars are going? Because I’m pretty sure, outside of sitting in traffic so a new road can be surfaced, I haven’t seen a dime of it anywhere else. Oh I take that back actually, I did get a pretty pleasant 14 hour experience with a nutritious meal and a blanket (only for 6 of the 14 hours) at the local jail after I decided to rest my eyes while waiting for my ride. So that was money well spent there….

I don’t know if I explained Taxes per say but I did talk about them. And Actually I have a lot more to say but I have a feeling I’m starting to come off as a crazy person so I’ll just fall back in line with the rest of the sheep and pleasantly forget that I’m being taken to the fucking cleaners in taxes week in a week out for next to no return. I would be completely fine if I knew taxes were being put to good use like education or health care but I know they aren’t. I mean my main ask would be for my tax money go to stopping innocent people getting killed all over the place by a variety of different means…some of which are paid by my tax dollars…fuck man. I guess that’s just too much to ask in 2016.





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