New Study Shows No One at JMU Could Ever Possibly Get Malaria


Chicken odour ‘prevents malaria’ research in Ethiopia finds

Full Story

The smell from a live chicken could help protect against malaria, researchers have found.

Ethiopian and Swedish scientists discovered that malarial mosquitoes tend to avoid chickens and other birds.

The experiments, conducted in western Ethiopia, included suspending a live chicken in a cage near a volunteer sleeping under a bed net.

Last year malaria killed nearly 400,000 people in Africa, the UN says.

Infection and death rates are declining but health officials are continuing to look for new ways to prevent the spread of the disease.

Well would you look at that. Mosquitoes that carry malaria hate the smell of chicken shit. Surprisingly tasteful for such an annoying, low life bug. Someone get these bugs a chair, because they are acting all like the kings of the castle. Be more elitist, malaria infested mosquitoes, you can’t!

For those of us who have had the pleasure to don the purple and gold in Harrisonburg, VA, and attend THE University of Virginia, James Madison University, we know all too well about the smells of the town. If it’s a rainy day, the aroma of dog food graced the campus with it’s suffocating presence. But, if it was a hot summer day, not only did you have to sweat it out in the dorms, but you also got to bask the ever growing pungent cloud that is chicken shit. Nothing says Summer in the middle of no where VA like chicken shit, amiright?

So this comes as good news. It’s  no wonder that I had heard stories about the clap, the herp, and even hepatitises A-C, but I never heard of anyone getting malaria. It all makes sense now. Yet another reason JMU is the school of schools in VA. We got girls, free beer at parties, and now can say without a shadow of a doubt that there will never be a case of Malaria.



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