Pokemon GO is all systems GO

Pokemon GO

All systems are go cat go! Pokemon Go is an interactive virtual reality on your phone that takes the card game and Gameboy game and puts it in the palm of your hand. I downloaded it last night, and when I stepped out of the shower I caught me a Squirtle. After walking around downtown Charlottesvile during my lunch break, a sneaky little Ekans popped up next to my office and I caught that sucker in the wild.

The game also includes battling, gyms that you can walk to and battle, hot spots in your local neighborhood parks, trading abilities, and just general real fake life pokemon adventure. I want it all. When can I join Team Rocket? How long does it take for the Magikarp I plan on catching to turn into Gyarados? The sky is the limit for this innovative and interactive map. Just a shame that I will eventually walk into on coming traffic to catch a Pidgey despite the continuous warning to “Be Aware of My Surroundings” when the game loads. Ha! Be aware of my surrounding and let that Rappidash run right by my? I don’t think so.

Sex is overrated anyway.



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