Discussing last nights episode of The Challenge

MTV The Challenge 28

Skipping the power rankings this week since pretty much only one thing of substance happened. Obviously that thing was the Tony/Camila fight that led to them being kicked out of the house. We started with a club scene where Tony spent a lot of time challenging people to chug beer and telling people how much he hates Camila. Once everyone got back to the house Vince accidentally knocked Camila down and that led to her flipping the Camilinator switch, which means yelling like a lunatic at anyone who tries to talk to her. Tony at this point was sleeping (because he was blacked out from winning all those chugging contests) and thus not involved in the situation at all. But Bananas being the master shit stirrer that he is decided it was a good idea to wake Tony up and tell him to put his partner, Camila, to bed. You’re kidding yourself if you say Bananas didn’t know what he was doing there. That move led to the confrontation between Tony and Camila which was mostly just a shouting match. It was pretty intense though and ended after Tony cornered Camila (never touched her) and was eventually carried away by some of the other guys. Camila threw a mug at him for good measure.

The next morning a very somber and disappointed TJ showed up at the house to tell Tony and Camila that because of their actions they were being sent home. Camila, Tony, and Bananas were all on the aftershow this week and almost all of the blame for the fight got laid at Tony’s feet. Don’t get me wrong, intimidating a woman like he did is a real dirtbag move, but to say Camila herself and even Bananas don’t carry equal shares of the blame as Tony is ridiculous. Without Bananas waking up a hammered drunk Tony none of that happens. Without Camila being a sloppy drunk lunatic herself, none of that happens. Tony absolutely needs to work on getting his drinking under control, but Camila saying, “Tony can really go from 0-100 in a moment”, during the after show was the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black. Honestly there have been waaay worse fights between a guy and a girl on this show then what we saw last night so I felt like it was a pretty quick trigger by MTV to kick them out. I feel like in the past they would have made them sit down with the producers for a counseling session or something. Tony is a Challenge star in the making but he needs to get himself under control a little bit or they are going to stop having him on.

Only other thing that happened was a challenge where the teams had to stand up on progressively smaller boxes all night and try and remember a bunch of random shit that was happening in front of them. They didn’t finish the challenge this episode so there’s not much more to say.

Until next week..

-Mr. Jersey


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