The Celebration Continues

The Promise keeper sure did keep his promise. Let’s take a look at the best pictures/videos/stories coming out since the championship trophy has made it home to the Land.

Mood. #OneForTheLand

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So here’s Delly, who’s sporting a fantastic Hawaiian shirt. You might be wondering…why is the Australian guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt? Well, if you look closer, this is the same shirt as…LIL KEV! For those who don’t know, Lil Kev was the Tommy Bahama model that looked strikingly similar to Kevin Love. Richard Jefferson discovered the picture prior to the playoffs, and he was the unofficial mascot for the team throughout the entire playoffs.

As mentioned, Richard Jefferson has been taking this picture with him everywhere he goes, and snapchatting the adventures alongside his laminated sidekick. RJ also announced his retirement immediately after the burgundy and gold took the gold. His announcement was made to reporters, but it came out on Snapchat first. I can only hope he and Lil Kev have enjoy their retirement. RJ made it to the NBA Finals his rookie season, had a tenure with the Spurs, but never won a championship until this year. What a great story.

#Repost @realtristan13 ・・・ Still surreal!

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Here we have a plethora of awesomeness. You see Lebron wearing the best tshirt/hat combo in the history of champions. He has on a Kermit the Frog “That’s none of my business” hat, and also an “Ultimate Warrior” tshirt, both shots taken (and made) at the people in Miami who said he was making a huge mistake going back to Cleveland, and the to the Warriors who called him a baby after Draymond went balls to the wall.

You also have JR Smith, who’s T-shirt has been missing for over 48 hours. If you see JR’s T-shirt, please send it home. It’s loved ones miss it, and just want to see it safe.

Kevin Love is sporting the smoking skull Championship belt. That’s not the only tribute KLove made to the Great Stone Cold

Those beers had more foam than a freshmen pumping a keg at a frat party, but I don’t think anyone cares.




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