Escaped Robot In Russia Causes Traffic Jam, Is Just The Beginning

Robot in russia.png

(Via BBC) Scientists at the Promobot laboratories in Perm had been teaching the machine how to move around independently, but it broke free after an engineer forgot to shut a gate, says the local edition of the Argumenty i Fakty newspaper. The robot found its way to a nearby street, covering a distance of about 50m (164ft), before its battery ran out, the daily says.

Why do we keep trying to make robots a thing?! First we have Betty The Robot Snitch and now this lab escaping robot. This is the beginning of the end for humans. You got a bunch of nerds in Russia building robots that can escape and interact with people but they don’t even have the proper security in place to prevent escapes? Cool, glad we are letting morons like this develop robots that will almost certainly lead to the demise of humans at some point. We need to set up a governing body of Robotic STAT! Even though this Promobot may look like a harmless mobile hair dryer from the 1950’s, one day it will do much more harm than causing traffic problems in Russia.

Keep your head on a swivel people! Robots are the biggest threat to the future of humans and yet we keep spending millions if not billions on their development. I think we could all learn a lesson from the great people of Philadelphia (bet that sentence doesn’t get a lot of play on internet blogs). See a robot on its own in the wild/real world? Kill it and kill it quickly.

Doesn’t matter if it has a smile painted on and that it has previously hitchhiked over 1,000 miles safely, kill it. Everyday we are hearing about how technology is being developed that can learn and adapt after each experience…you know what has a problem learning? A dead robot (also probably a robot with a concussion so always aim for the head).





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