Current Alive Game of Thrones Characters Compared to Current WWE Superstars

Jon Cena

Jon Snow would be John Cena. One is the face of the WWE, the other is the face of the Night’s Watch and pretty much Game of Thrones in general.


The Hound would be Kane – at some point he is a corporate dog (Kane to the WWE, The Hound to the Lannisters) and it some point he had a nasty run in with fire.


The Mountain would be the Undertaker – because they both keep coming back from the dead, Kane and Undertaker are brothers of destruction, one could argue so are the Cleganes.

Cersei McMahon

Cersei Lannister would be Stephanie McMahon – this one is probably the most obvious. Both have been given their position because of who their father is, both are the “bossy bitches” of the show, and both go through hellfire to get what they want/love…even though neither one is really in charge of anything anymore.

Sasha Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell would be Sasha Banks – because both are close enough to getting the title but there’s another, better player more likely to get it in the game.

Bray Sparrow

The High Sparrow would be Bray Wyatt – because they both have religious overtones and a strange, cult like following that yields a lot of power.


Littlefinger would be Paul Heyman – because neither one of them actually fight and just create the chaos behind the scenes.

Dany Flair

Daenerys Targaryen would be Charlotte – because both are number 1’s when it comes to the most powerful players in their respective rings. Dany sent her old man Jorah away, Charlotte sent her old man Ric away. The transformation for Dany will be complete when she wears her crown.

Tyrion Jericho

Tyrion Lannister would be Chris Jericho – because they are both the smoothest talkers. Tyrion is helping bridge the difference between Westeros and Essos, and Jericho helps bridge the difference between old wrestling fans and new ones.


Jamie Rollins

Jaime Lannister would be Seth Rollins  – because he’s the bad guy you can’t help but to root for.

Sansa Lynch

Sansa would be Becky Lynch – because both are the firey red-heads that you hope somehow survive this whole mess and you want to see something good happen for them.

Daario Goldust

Daario Naharis would be Goldust – because in the books Daario is the weirdest character and Goldust is the weirdest Superstar in the WWE.

Thormund Rowan

Tormund Giantsbane would be Erick Rowan– because I didn’t have to do any work to photoshop that picture.

Varys Cole
Varys would be Michael Cole –because he isn’t directly involved with the fighting, but he has little birds whispering in his ear every move.

Ramsey Reigns

Ramsay Bolton would be Roman Reigns – because you can’t help but get nervous/boo your television when both characters show their faces on screen.

Jorah McMahon
Jorah would be Shane McMahon – 
because they were both exiled heros that came back to save the day when the company needed them most. And they’re both older.

Theon Ambrose
Theon Greyjoy would be Dean Ambrose – because they both have the ability to make quick, irrational decisions that throw their body into harm.

Neville Stark

Arya Stark would be Neville – because both are high-flying, action packed assassins that have the ability to unleash hell out of nowhere.

New Day J'aq

And Finally, Jaqen H’ghar is the New Day – because New. Day. J’aqs. New. Day J’aqs.







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