Teen Hacks North Korea’s Version of Facebook Using the Password, “Password”

Via FOXNEWS: It’s the story that sounds like a Seth Rogen movie sequel — a British teenager has hacked into North Korea’s version of Facebook using the password “Password”. Eighteen-year-old Scottish student Andrew McKean has admitted to hacking the recently launched “Best Korean Social Network” when he discovered the North Korean IT department had made the classic mistake of not changing the default security settings. Just hours after the communist clone of the world’s most famous social network went live, Motherboard reports McKean realized he was able to take control of the site by using the default combination of username “admin” and the default password.

We are supposed to believe this country led by that fat idiot above is capable of creating nuclear weapons? HAHAHA. North Korea is essentially your grandma or grandpa trying to use the internet. I’m fairly certain we could take down their entire infrastructure with nothing more than some spam emails. Imagine this: 

Late one evening Kim Jong-un, weary from a day of torturing and denying his people basic liberties, fires up his Gateway PC. The pixelated flag of Windows 98 flashes on too his screen (Kim only uses the most cutting edge tech, obviously). After waiting several minutes for his AOL dial-up internet to connect he makes his way over to his hotmail.com email inbox. What he sees causes his glass of cognac to fall from his hand and shatter on the marble floor below. But Kim can’t worry about that now he’s too busy rereading the subject line of this email again and again. “My eyes must be deceiving me,” he thinks, “they are very squinty after all,”. But there it is in black and white, “Urgent – Need Help Transferring Millions of Dollars Out of Nigeria, Will Pay Handsomely for Assistance”. Kim can’t believe his luck, this is the break he has been waiting for. With this kind of cash influx he can finally teach those South Korean bastards a lesson and probably still have enough money left over to get all the seasons of Game of Thrones on DVD! Normally he wouldn’t fall for such trickery but this email seems to have come directly from a Prince! Without another moment of hesitation Kim provides the Prince with all of the necessary banking codes to help him move his millions. Little does this prince know that Kim intends to keep all the millions for himself. “Mwaahahahah!”, he laughs to himself, “This prince has no idea that the great Kim Jong-un is about to play him for a fool.”

End Scene

-Mr. Jersey

PS: Whoever the guys are that we responsible for setting up Korean Facebook’s passwords had better be sprinting their asses South as we speak.


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