Mark Cuban Boom Roasted Donald Trump Millennial Style

EGG IN YOUR FACE DONALD! You just got got!

mark cuban

Is there anything Mark Cuban can’t do? NBA Champion, billionaire, Shark Tank mogul, and now he’s hitting the lab mixing together fire Donald Trump singing shitty  Gym Class Hero’s videos and encouraging the youths to register to vote using new technology he probably has a hand in. Or not. Either way, you don’t mess with a billionaire. We learned that in the Gawker vs. Hulkamania case (Billionaire Peter Thiel financed the legal team that took Gawker to the cleaners because it “was a gross violation of privacy that deserved win on the merits.”*) and now Marky Mark wants the world to vote against Trump. I think. They’re are some pretty convincing conspiracy theories out there that say Mark is looking for a VP spot, but c’mon, Mark is one of the smartest, hard working SOBs on the planet. He’s no Vice anything.

My favorite part about the video though is you can 100% tell without a shadow of a doubt that Mark made this video himself. Simple, yet sophisticated. Splicing and dicing like the best of them.

Live look at Mark after he finished the video.


and immediately after that picture was taken.

the real mark


*Quote Taken from the Wall Street Journal



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