Friday Dog Blog

Happy Friday everyone! 95% of the workforce is #done at this point, just thinking about Memorial Day Weekend, yet here I am working my ass off to get this dog blog post. You’re welcome.

Since I’ve been out of the blog game for so long I figured I’d hook you guy up and start the dog blog off with a 2 for 1 deal. We got a dog story and a Conspiracy theory.  This husky jumped from a roof of a residential building in China but was luckily saved from serious injury when we was caught in some wires. But no one reporting this story asked the all important question, why did this husky jump? I mean this is China, a place known for…

Corruption. I’m thinking this husky was just trying to be a hero and do what dogs do best in urgent situations. He was either chasing a suspect (unlikely given the lack of a dead person at the base of this apt building) or trying to direct attention to a problem. So there is little to no doubt in my mind this hero of a dog is trying to point out corruption in the phone/electric companies of China. Book it major scandal coming down the pipe in china’s energy sector. Huskies are very close to speaking the human language so someone needs to get to guy before he becomes dinner so we can find out what he knows. (You thought I was going tip toe around the whole Asians eat dogs thing didn’t you?)

Next up we have the Mount Everest of all contrasts here with Hafþór Julius Bjornsson (The Mountain) becoming a new father of a Pomeranian puppy.

We are both exhausted after our morning workout this morning!! God it's hard to keep up with @asterix_astrikur !!!

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Follow @asterix_astrikur @asterix_astrikur

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Selfie with my buddy

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The most cardio I've done in years!!#TimeForPizza #Asterix&Obelix @asterix_astrikur

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The biggest man in Wesseros and a little tiny puppy. Adorably contrast.


Enjoy the Long weekend!





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