Someone Tell Dana White I Just Found his Next UFC Superstar

“IT’S ALLLLL OVER!! You’re NEW, middle school MMA champion of the wooooorld, red shirt kid!”. My goodness what a beat down. That kid was like Anderson Silva in his prime out there. In the 40 seconds that fight lasted he showed boxing, Muay Thai, and jiu-jitsu. Red shirt can do it all baby. He had the calm swagger of a champion too, like he didn’t want to take that fight but when he was challenged he knew what had to be done and he went out and did it. Dana White needs to get on the phone with this kid (or his parents since I’m pretty sure 12 year olds can’t sign contracts) and lock him down right goddamn now. I mean I felt like I was watching a young Tiger Woods hit 5 Woods on the Bob Hope show. 10 years from now this kid is gonna be a champ, that’s a Mr. Jersey guarantee. This should also be a wake up call to any idiots who still think MMA is just a fad. The sport has proliferated down to middle schools to the point where we have kids like this that are polished fighters before they’ve even taken a Sex Ed class.

-Mr. Jersey


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