The Raptors Have Stolen My Happiness


Caption Contest: “Brodors before Hodors…amiright guys?…guys?

Welp Cavs Nation…this stinks. Never have I ever seen a series have the pendulum swing so hard in one direction. We went from waltzing into the finals, to stubbing our toes twice before even getting out of bed.

In Game 3, both Kyrie and Kevin had off nights, which I’ll fully blame on Toronto. They switched up their defensive scheme and held up the Cavs at customs throwing them off their game.

But last night? We played as much defense as Robb Stark played in during his cousin’s wedding. Kyle Lowry just shooting at will and not missing…something he has proven he can do night in and night out. Demar Derozan hasn’t missed since game one, and that hillbilly Patrick Patterson continues shoot the long ball with no regard for the fact that he’s a hillbilly from Huntington, WV.

And how much longer is Ty Lue going to let Bismack Biyombo look like Dikembe Mutombo before he throws Mozgov into the game? Seriously…why haven’t the Cavs gone big in stretches in the 2nd quarter (the quarter that has decided every game in the series.) Let Tristan and K. Love get some rest at the same time, and throw out Frye and Mozgov. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. If Frye’s not hot (he will be) then shorten Tristans rest and give me the ol’ Canadian Russian front court.

Lebron is playing up to his standards, although he has very much deferred instead of taking the game over down the stretch. Kyrie was hitting his shots and I hope it carries over when they go back to Cleveland on Wednesday. But we are getting pummeled down low which is opening up the 3 ball for the Raptors. Sometimes you’ll shoot out of it, and last night we took a lead after being down 18 in the second half. But we had to go 11/11 from the field just to be up 1 point. Defense, Lue, DEFENSE.

It’s true, they say the series doesn’t start until you lose on your home floor…which means the Cavs have yet to have a series in the playoffs. But enough is enough. Let’s finish them off in 6. (Please.)

Also, unrelated but so related, I tend to get extremely lucky between Memorial Day and Labor Day. So much so the Blog:30 team for the last three summers have dubbed it “The Summer of Coach,” “The Summer of Coach: Part Deux,” and “The Summer of Coach: The Third Installment.” Let’s hope we survive long enough and make it to “The Summer Of Coach: Tokyo Drift” and use the luck for a championship.



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