Barkley and Kenny essentially had a surprise intervention for Dwight Howard on Inside the NBA last night

It’s a long video but it’s worth a watch in my opinion. Some really honest stuff from Dwight in there and Chuck in particular didn’t pull any punches. When the first question in a 15 minute segment is, “Why do you think people don’t like you?”, you know we are in for a doozy. My question here is did Dwight know this was coming? Like did he think he was just coming on to discuss Spurs/Thunder or did he know he was about to take a seat on Charles and Kenny’s knees to hear a few life lessons? Honestly I was pretty surprised by the sincerity of a lot of Dwight’s answers here. Actions speak louder than words but he sounds like a guy who realizes he’s approaching the back end of his career and may finally be finding some level of clarity or maturity. Now, he’s still a snake guy so I’m not about to join the Dwight Howard fan club but this is pretty much the first time I’ve ever thought he didn’t seem like a complete buffoon, so that’s a start.

-Mr. Jersey

PS: This video brought me to a place where I’m like 10% ok with Dwight signing with the Knicks this summer and I hate myself for it.

PPS: Shaq eventually came off the Twitter top rope to put Dwight and Chuck in a body bag.


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