The Internet is all over this guy for making fun of this lady at the gym

Mocking: A man has outraged social media users after he filmed a woman doing squats in the gym to make fun of herDefending: Comments include: 'It's intimidating enough for a woman to approach the racks,' and, 'You go girl. Good for you being at the gym and trying to better yourself!!!!'











Via DailyMail:  A man has outraged social media users after he filmed a woman doing squats in the gym to make fun of her. His short clip shows a lady straddled across a barbell attempting squats, which the man has captioned: ‘Tf [what the f***] she doing.’The woman in is fact attempting Jefferson Squats but has not quite mastered the technique.

Unsurprisingly in 2016, the internet got all butt hurt at this guy for calling out this chick at the gym. First let me say I respect the hell out of anyone who is trying to get themselves in shape and live a healthier life, can’t hate on that at all. Secondly let me say I would have done the same exact shit this guy did if I was at that gym. You see someone doing some weird shit at the gym you record it and show people, simple as that, and let’s not get it twisted here she was definitely doing some weird shit. You gotta keep people in check at the gym otherwise it can turn into a really weird place. Now all the gym hardos are coming out of the woodwork killing this guy, claiming this is a real exercise and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Ok fine maybe it is but she for sure isn’t doing it anything close to correctly and also why is this chick trying to incorporate these intricate ass moves into her gym routine? Honey, you are clearly not a couple “Jefferson Squats” away from the Crossfit Games just stick to the treadmill, maybe work in some crunches, and then if you’re feeling froggy head on over to the leg press. People just gotta know when to stay in their lane and I’m fine with this dude offering up this harsh lesson in course correction. It’s like when the weather gets warm every year and I decide I want to pretend I play golf again. Do I head straight for Augusta National and then get all upset when the rich old white people get mad at me for leaving divots all over the fairway? No, I go to the driving range and play my local 12 hole, Par 3 course (Apple Land for life) because I know who I am as a golfer. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that this chick have the self awareness to know who she is a  gym-goer, and who she is is for sure not “Girl Who Does Jefferson Squats”. So good on you chubby red shirt guy, keep fighting the good fight.

-Mr. Jersey

PS: Obligatory clip of the all time greatest “weird guy at the gym” clip. This guy fucks.


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