Two Women Go On A Hike, Get Lost For 5 Days

(Via  Two women lost in dense forest for FIVE DAYS have revealed their horror when a nasty fall became life-threatening – and they began to lose hope of being rescued. Carolyn Lloyd and daughter Rachel were in New Zealand when they went for a hike in the Tararua Forest on the North Island together. But they followed the wrong hiking markers and their one-day excursion stretched into a horrendous ordeal where Rachel, 22, fell and sustained a head injury. Carolyn, 44, and Rachel were eventually found after they spelled ‘HELP’ with rocks, fern fronds and sticks for rescuers to spot.

Chicks man…How do you…why wouldn’t you just…I can’t wrap my head around this. I’ve always had a great sense of direction so I never really understood how anyone gets lost walking around. The Roommate and I go hiking at a local spot fairly often and every time we are there she makes a comment letting me know just how lost she is. It’s literally the same trail we take every time, and yet, she has no clue where we are. It’s scary to think people walk around like that. I don’t know how to explain it other than it’s really is just sense of knowing where I am in relation to certain landmarks. I guess some people have it and others don’t.

dont have it.png

I’ll do my best to not make this a chick thing because I know my fair share of people, both male and female, who stink with directions. One time my I let my buddies lead the group around an amusement park and it did not go well, we never did make it to that indoor roller coaster. But they’ll admit that they have no sense of direction, it’s not really a necessity in today’s society because we all have Smart Phones. But when the phones are off/out of the range of service, like when you are hiking, you should make an effort to remember how to get back. Anyone can get turned around and not know exactly where they are, but for two adults to go on a little hike and end up getting stuck for over 5 days in the forest is inexcusable. Lack of directional sense is one thing but lack of common sense is another and will usually get you stuck in the jungle for 5 days.

I know exactly how it happened too. Carol, the mom was just trying to be the cool parent, up for an adventure with her daughter. The concussed girl, Rachel, who was full of false confidence after spending a semester abroad and probably hiking this same trail several times in a group, wanted to show her mom how independent she had become, led the way. After making a few wrong turns, Rachel had an internal discussion about admitting she was lost or to keep going hoping she would recognize something. I don’t think I need to tell you what decision she made, because you know she is a girl and girls never admit they were wrong unless it is there only option so they trudged along. Getting deeper and deeper into the forest, Carol, probably had her doubts but refused to speak up because she didn’t want to interfere with Rachel’s new found independence becasue in today’s everyone gets a trophy culture we need to encourage our kids no matter what. Even if that kid is getting you lost on a hike for 5 days!  But hey sweet ‘Help’ sign ladies! help.png

Going back the way they came would have taken hours…so instead they decided to just sit in the wilderness for 5 DAYS and wait for help. Makes sense I guess. Just doesn’t make common sense…





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