Ted Cruz and John Kasich Drop Out


It’s all over now folks. Ted Cruz and John Kasich have both dropped out of the running for the Republican nomination in the wake of Donald Trump cruising to a victory in Indiana last night. Of the 12 candidates that were with us into primary season only The Donald remains.

Ted Cruz may be gone but he shall never be forgotten. The level of entertainment he provided during his campaign, all while trying to be taken seriously, was truly remarkable. Whether it was having his own daughter be repulsed by him;

his former college roommate roasting him on Twitter;

having former soft-core porn actresses star in campaign ads;

or having Donald Trump call him a pussy;

The Cruzer gave us all a lot of laughs. So while he may be a borderline sociopathic robot who couldn’t even beat Donald Trump, at least he wasn’t boring. Oh and of course Ted gave us all one for the road before he bowed out. Here he is getting hit with the old “too slow” handshake trick by a guy in Indiana. Classic Ted.

Sleep well sweet demonic spawn of the underworld prince, they can’t hurt you anymore.

-Mr. Jersey

PS: Yeah I know I didn’t really say anything about Kasich but he was boring as fuck and should have dropped out three months ago.


PPS:  #TrumpTrainRollin, choo choo bitches.choo


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