RIP D-Hall.


(Play for dramatic effect)

We’ve covered a lot of tragic deaths this year. We lost Snape…Bowie…Prince…and now, D-Hall. If I could take a moment of your time, and say a few words about my dear, dear friend.

D-Hall was a beacon to all to come in and enjoy food cruise ship style, all you can eat baby. This building was responsible for feeding the masses. It was where you undoubtedly went when you showed up as a freshmen-to-be during Choices or Orientation…it fueled the football team that beat Virginia Tech in 2011…and of course, the place that had Grilled Cheese Thursdays.

It seems so silly now to remember getting excited about grilled cheese, a food any college kid can make; but it wasn’t just the grilled cheeses, oh no, it was the stories! The stories that came with the grilled cheese. I once sat next to a pitcher on the baseball team and watched him consume eleven grilled cheeses. ELEVEN!

After a rainy Saturday football game, we ran up the hill graciously into your loving doors, knowing the pizza and the ice cream on the other side would sober us up enough to be able to move on with our lives. Devastation ran down our face like rain drops when a friend realized they forgot their JACard. Did D-Hall turn us away like the peasants we were? Of course not! They let us all in after a friendly, yet competitive, game of charades.

We’ve seen frat boys do keg stands on the ice cream machines, we’ve cried after finally getting our favorite cereal only to realize there was no milk left…you let me think tater tots were a breakfast food! You old sailor you!

2photo from the breeze

Look how young you were in that picture! Awww it’s so adorable. You didn’t even know that soon you would be responsible for being the center of campus. Wilson Hall can be seen from everywhere in Harrisonburg, but I always considered it a map marker in the sky saying “Hey, DHall is right here!”

You were the first place I visited when I was a freshmen, you were where I went every Sunday hungover for breakfast, you were responsible for a lot of ass clenched runs back up the hill in the Village to White Hall…you were my friend, DHall.

Rest in peace, sweet prince, they can’t hurt you anymore



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