The Yankees Stink

I didn’t want to have to write this blog. I held out as long as I could. But it’s time to face facts, right now the Yankees flat out stink. Last night’s loss, which gave the Red Sox their first home sweep of the Yanks since 2013, was the final nail in the coffin of realization that this team just is not very good. At 8-15 we have taken up residency in the AL East cellar and are 6GB of the now division leading Red Sox. It turns out when you can neither hit nor pitch it doesn’t really matter that you have the most dominant back end of the bullpen there has ever been. We can’t even say things like, “wait till Chapman gets back”, with any semblance of sincerity because everyone with a set of eyes knows another closer is in no way going to fix what’s wrong with this team.

Right now in the American League we rank 11th in batting average, 10th in home runs, and 15th aka dead last in slugging percentage. If this team is going to be this bad at the plate we needed our rotation to pick up the slack and give us 6 solid innings a night so we can get to the bullpen. They have not done this. We are 14th in ERA, 12th in opponents batting average, and 12th in home runs allowed. So not only are we not able to put any runs on the board it’s also been a carousel on the bases for our opponents. I want to say there’s a silver lining, I want to say it’s early and this team can turn it around, I want to say wait til the weather gets warm, but I can’t even make myself believe that right now. It’s not like this is a team of young studs that are just in a rough patch and you know are going to come out of it. This is a team of aging veterans who we came into the season hoping would once again exceed expectations and the reality is that what we are seeing now is much more likely the norm than the aberration. The only Yankee regular batting over .300 is Starlin Castro and nobody else is even that close. Even Starlin who has managed to keep his average up has only produced a total of 4 RBI’s in the last 20 games after putting up 8 in the first three games against the Astros. Chase Headley and his .156 avg. has drawn the majority of the fans ire to this point, and rightfully so because he’s terrible, but it won’t be long before Yankee fans and the NY media turn on this team as a whole.

Right now there don’t appear to be a lot of options for change either. Could we fire Girardi? Yeah probably but what is that going to do? This isn’t a youthful team that needs a steadying hand, it’s an old team that needs an influx of youth and getting rid of Binder Joe doesn’t accomplish that. Headley needs to go to the bench and Refsnyder needs to get his at bats asap. Then after that we need to at some point explore the option of trading one of our bullpen guys for another young bat. Something has got to be done soon or it’s going to be a very long summer in the Bronx.

-Mr. Jersey

PS: I hate David Ortiz so much.


3 thoughts on “The Yankees Stink

  1. It is a sad commentary when ARod is your best hitter (currently)…while the old adage rings true…”You don’t win Pennants in April…but you sure can lose them”….with the arms you have in the pen, plus the constant media pressure? I’m fairly certain that Cashman & the rest of the front office will get the players they need to compete in the AL East down the stretch. P. S. I echo your sentiments on David Ortiz….maybe he can save us all the rest of his “farewell tour” & just fade into background.


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