Friday Dog Blog

Happy Friday Dog Lovers! Cat L0vers…I hope you have to work all weekend!

Kicking it off with this sad yet hopeful story out of California. A Wolf Hybrid was found wondering the streets looking very disheveled and eventually rescued by Hope for Paws.

"The first picture of Julia.""Julia had an old rope tied to her which indicates to me that someone owned and neglected her to a criminal level... this poor girl was so swollen from infections, she was bleeding, pus was oozing from everywhere, and it's hard to see because of this coat, but she is just skin and bones."

Long story short Julia here was in some pretty bad shape and had evidence of some severe abuse from her previous owner. Yet she was very brave and accepting of the rescuers who were only trying to help. So often you see dogs nervous and even violent towards people after being abused but Julia was different. She is still recovering (quickly) and is as loving as ever. They say you can see her calm soul in her eyes and I cannot agree more. Julia you keep being you girl. Those eyes are destined to make some future owners very very happy.

Julia the wolf.png"Julia is still not wagging her tail... she just shows her appreciation by rubbing her head on me. What a special girl."


(via NYT) Scientist say dogs don’t like hugs

Scientist are back at it again sticking their noses where they don’t belong. Does my dog run away every time I hug him? Sure but that doesn’t mean he hates it. He just thinks I’m going to pick him up and spin him around because that’s what I do to him every time the Blackhawks score in the playoffs (RIP)  or when Big Papi hits another HR. I get why he doesn’t like that. But hugs are a different story. I will not go quietly into the night and blindly follow science. I will hug every dog from here on out and I bet they will love it! In your face Science!




Great story about how two forgotten and neglected species, wolves and veterans. Read more about The Lockwood Animal Rescue and Sanctuary here . It is a great cause and an amazing phenomenon to see these two parties save each others’ lives.

Go out and hug a dog this weekend!




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