NHL Update: 1st Round Review & 2nd Round Preview

1st round review

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Caps over the flyers 4-2

Flyers went down 3-0 and made a valiant effort to make a series of it but everyone knew who would come out of this match up. Caps fans have to be worried though losing 2 out of the last 3 with the talented Pittsburgh Penguins coming to town. A team that has absolutely owned them in the playoffs. Oh not to mention the Caps haven’t made it past the 2nd round in years…There is real concern for this season’s best team.

Penguins over the Rangers 4-2

The Pens went into MSG and got the job done. Something that has been a particularly difficult thing to do in recent years. I guess it helps that the rangers were beating themselves up and down the ice that whole series. I mean the King got a friendly fire shot to the eye which left his beautiful mug marred for the rest of the series. Everyone knows the better you look, the better you play. It’s gotta be hard to play with confidence when you are walking around with a shiner like that.

NYI over the Panthers 4-2

This was a great series despite only going 6 games. But that man JT went and decided he was going take his team to the 2nd round at the end of game 6 and there was nothing anyone could do about it. He tied the game with under a minute left and put away the game winner in double OT

Lightning over the Red Wings 4-1

This was a case of a team that was ready to play and knew what it takes to get far in the Playoffs vs a team who wasn’t and is a few years away. The lightning still have talent on the ice even with the absence of their captain and best goal scorer, Stamkos. Rumors have Stamkos returning before the end of the next series if it goes 7. Should be interesting to see if this team can stay alive long enough to get help from one of the leagues elite talent.


Blues over Blackhawks 4-3

It seems like the Blackhawks play these types of series every year. And with a 12-4 record in elimination games under Coach Q, why wouldn’t we think the hawks would pull this one out again and continue their run to a 4th cup in 7 years. But the Blues were ready to take that next step and finally get past their hated rivals from the 2nd city. The Blues are the best team left in the west and after a hard fought battle with Chicago are primed to make a run.

Stars over Wild 4-2

The Wild were outmatched from the first puck drop. But like most teams in Late spring they dug deep and played their best hockey and gave the Stars a series most didn’t expect. The games were well played and close til the end. The Stars are loaded with young talent and can out score everyone but can they stay focused enough on the Defensive side of things?

Sharks over Kings

I’ll be honest I didn’t watch much of this series but it was interesting to see the Sharks finally slay their rival from the so-cal. The entire west was full of upsets and this series was no different. I’m very interested in seeing how the Sharks respond to being the last team left from the pacific division.

Predators over The Ducks

The 2nd 7 game series in the west’s first round and like most 7 game series it was full of suspense. The heavy Favorited Ducks faltered down the stretch in most games and it cost them. It may have been the last hurrah for this aging team who are now also coachless.

2nd Round Preview

Both the East and West have an undercard and a Main Event. I don’t understand the NHL’s seeding process but this is how it goes. Let’s start with the undercards. The Lightning and Islanders are very good, scrappy teams that have the determination to go further than expected. As said before, Tampa, will be hoping to get their best player back before the end of the series but it may have to go 7 for that to happen. The Islanders have the biggest surprise of the postseason on their team in Griess who has been a wall between the pipes. In the West we have the Predators taking on the Sharks. Nothing against these two teams but the other match up in the west is the only one worth watching this round.

Main Events


The Capitals vs The Penguins is the match up the NHL wanted! It’s the Ovi-Crosby storyline rekindled after several years of being two ships passing in the darkness the rivalry between perhaps the 2 best players in the game is back on! Which is bad news for Caps fans. Although after last night, the really story in this series might be T.J. Oshie. This is going to be a great series to watch with plenty of action. The caps just need to get that monkey off their back after being bounced in round 2 year after year.


The Blues vs The Stars may be BETTER than the caps penguins series! These two rivals have been going at it all year and have so much talent that it could potentially be the best 2nd round match up in recent years. This series may not bring in the casual fan that the Caps-Pens will, but make no mistake about it, this is the best 2nd round match up. Buckle up everyone, these next 2 weeks are going to be interesting.


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Western conference Champion: L.A. Kings

Eastern Conference Champion: Tampa Bay Lightning

Stanley Cup Champion : L.A. Kings


Western conference Champion: Chicago Blackhawks

Eastern Conference Champion: Washington Capitals

Stanley Cup Champion: Washington Capitals

Mr. Jersey

Western conference Champion: L.A. Kings

Eastern Conference Champion: New York Rangers

Stanley Cup Champion: New York Rangers


Not looking good for ya boys here…




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