UPDATED with Video: Dan Boyle apparently cursed out reporters on his way out the door. Plus Rangers Keep ’em or Dump ’em.

Via NY Daily News: If this is how Dan Boyle is going out, shame on him. Boyle singled out multiple critical reporters and laced into them, cursing them out and refusing to begin his breakup day interview Tuesday afternoon in Greenburgh until they left the vicinity. Boyle’s summer 2014 signing was an unmitigated failure. He is likely retiring after a mostly excellent career with the San Jose Sharks that skidded in New York, where coach Alain Vigneault gave him ample opportunity despite subpar play.

UPDATE: here’s the link to the video of Boyle going off

Haha hilarious. This is the most fight any Ranger has shown in months and it’s Old Man Dan getting mouthy with some reporters as he skates his washed up ass off into retirement. Maybe if any member of this team had shown this kind of attitude, you know, during a game the season would still be…

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