HBO Announces Start Date and Name of Bill Simmons’ New Show

Via The Hollywood Reporter: Bill Simmons’ big HBO deal comes full circle this summer. The pay cable net announced Tuesday that his new series has both a title (Any Given Wednesday With Bill Simmons) and a premiere date (June 22). The initial 20-episode season, part of Simmons’ exclusive multi-year, multi-platform agreement with HBO, kicks off a few weeks before the deal’s one-year anniversary. The half-hour show will air weekly, on Wednesday nights, at 10 p.m. — simultaneously becoming available on both the HBO Go and HBO Now platforms.

Any Given Wednesday huh? Ok I can dig it, that’s not the worst name. Certainly better than The Ringer, which he named his new website, still don’t like that one because all I can think about is the Johnny Knoxville film. Yeah I called it a film. Anyway, I’m excited for this show. I’m a Simmons guy what can I say. Loved Grantland before ESPN gave it the axe, I liked him on Countdown, and his podcast network is the best there is (Sorry Pres). HBO doesn’t miss very often at all when churning out new content so I don’t see how combining with Simmons is going to produce anything other than a hit. At its’ worst possible outcome this show will be an uncensored, sports centric, version of The Daily Show and that’s not a bad place to start.

-Mr. Jersey

PS: Bill if you’re reading this, I’m available. Hit me in the DM.


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