End your day with the REAL baddest bitch on the block

Lot of talk about Beyonce releasing her new album/music video/Jay Z shame movie, Lemonade, this week. Everyone ranting and raving about how “Bey is everything” and how “They can’t even. .”. Well I’m here to remind you that Rihanna is, and will be, the baddest bitch on the block. In my book it’s Riri of GTFO. Oh boohoo Beyonce, your multimillionaire rapper husband Jay Z banged “Becky with the good hair”? Shocker. Chris Brown literally beat the shit out of Rihanna and she’s still out here throwing 101 mph gas. Exhibits A-C:

So a tip of the hat to BadGirlRiri from a real Rude Boi. Keep doing the damn thing gurl. I will take Rihanna’s Top 15 songs over anything Beyonce has ever put out, no question.

-Mr. Jersey



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