Lebron is being an asshole, but in a good way this time.

The Cavs have a 2-0 series lead as is usually the case for Lebron led teams in Round 1. In his 10 straight playoff appearances Lebron’s teams are now 42-7 in the opening round, including a current streak of 15 straight wins. Lebron has been great in this series, stuffing the stat sheet like he always does. But he’s also been something else, and that something else is an asshole, and I for one love it. In game one he was aggressively backing down and running through Pistons rookie Stanley Johnson all night and had a general aura of hostility surrounding him. Then last night in game two Lebron hit Johnson with this bump as he went by. 

Clearly not an accident. But that wasn’t all asshole Lebron had up his sleeve. After driving through the lane and catching what he felt was a dirty elbow from Marcus Morris Lebron let the refs know they better take control of the game before he had to himself. How did he do this? Why tell you when I can show you.

In case you’re the worst lip reader there’s ever been, Lebron told the refs he was about to fuck Morris up. Do I think there was even a remote possibility that he was going to start a fight on the court? No. But we are all aware of the sentiment that today’s NBA is too buddy buddy and in a lot of ways Lebron has been at the forefront of that issue. With AAU and prep schools the best of the best start playing each other in their formative years and naturally that’s going to result in friendships more often than not. So it’s really the system that’s more to blame for the current nature of the league than any one group of guys. But for me personally it’s just fucking fun to see Lebron out there being an agitator and letting it be known that it’s playoff time and he’s not out there to make friends. When the Cavs inevitably wind up in the Finals for a rematch with the Warriors they are going to need to be all business if they have any hopes (I legitimately think they can beat them) of knocking off the champs. What better time than the present to start prepping?

-Mr. Jersey


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