Pablo Sandoval Needs a Babysitter To Manage His Overeating

(via- ESPN) A former personal trainer for Pablo Sandoval says the Boston Red Sox third baseman needs “a babysitter” to watch over him and keep him from overeating, a temptation for Sandoval that the trainer likened to alcoholism.

Listen I don’t want to make excuses for a professional athlete, getting paid millions of dollars to not be fat, being fat. He actually has 95 million reasons to not be fat but him needing a babysitter to watch his food intake is hilarious! However, I want to talk about how close this hits to home for me. I thought everyone ate like this until recently. I was just raised to eat until you are full. Fortunately my metabolism did a decent job the first 25 years of my life and I didn’t end up looking like Pablo here.

Portion control was a term I just recently learned and has since, made my life a constant struggle. It is fucking hard to go from eating until full (I prefer to eat until sleepy) to just stopping your meal even though you are still hungry. I just can’t wrap my head around this idea, much like Panda here. He gained 21 pounds in 21 days while visiting family… dude if I went home for 21 days I would easily gain 21 pounds! One time I was home visiting ( I live 6 hours away from my hometown/the majority of my family)  and we had a bunch of family over for whatever reason for a BBQ. My one grandma brought a red velvet cake, just for me, another brought a chocolate pie, again just for me…Not only did I have the stare down of a life time as they both watched me go to the dessert table, but I also had early onset diabetes and was 10lbs heavier by the time the BBQ was over. It’s unbelievable how much I eat when I go home so all I’m saying is I feel you, Panda, I feel you.



Ps. How do you get the panda babysitting job? Because I would love to walk around smacking food out of his hands/ eating his leftovers. I would 1,000% sacrifice my health if it meant I could eat like a millionaire and help the Red Sox become a better team.


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