Barack Obama Get an Advanced Screening of Game Of Thrones Season 6

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(CNN) The creators of “Game of Thrones” have revealed President Barack Obama received advanced access to the hotly anticipated sixth season because, well, you don’t turn down a request from POTUS.

Damn Obama really milking this last year of his presidency huh? I mean I haven’t really had a problem with the man the past 8 years, I actually thank him for a ton of things. But this is a gross abuse of power, no? When do the impeachment proceedings begin? Barry O! You dog! Just demanding that you get to see season 6 before everyone else!? Dude don’t you have enough secrets over your buddies? What if he goes rouge with the information? How mad would you be if you are sitting there watching some New Girl or whatever and up pops a special presidential press conference and there’s Obama with a shit eating grin on his face and just goes “Jon Snow ain’t dead no mo!” and walks away from the podium.

I honestly think these secrets spoilers are the most important piece of information that Obama has and CANNOT let the public know about. Fuck the aliens, JFK real killer and Hillary’s emails! What happens in Game of Thrones is 100% more important than all of those combined. I don’t care what the nuke codes are, but if I were to find out what happens to Kahleesi before April 24th I will lose my damn mind! No man should be trusted with this type of information 2 weeks before the show airs, I don’t care if that same man is trusted with 100’s of top secret briefings on a daily basis!



Ps. How fucking cool would it have been to watch the game of thrones with Barry O? The tits!


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