Weekend’s Winners and Losers: 4/8-4/10


Winner: Peter Willet

The Drunken brother of newly crowned Masters Champ  Jordan Speith Danny Willet took to twitter as he watched his brother play the only solid round of gold yesterday and earn lifetime pass to the champions locker room. On Sibling day no Less!

Loser: Pablo Sandavol

Turns out the the lovable fat guy is no longer that lovable if he doesn’t hit .300. Also the below average defense and terrible attitude doesn’t really help either. He was benched for Travis Shaw (A Great Move) and although he did get a few ABs as a pinch hitter and played 1st base for a game he has yet to register a hit. In his first AB of the season, after a spring filled with talk about his weight this happens…

The Panda offically has more broken belts then hits this season. So of course the 60 year old  Guy Ferrari here let him know he had a belt for him that would fit (great camera work)! Poor Panda.

Mr. Jersey

Winner: Erick Green 

Blog:30’s favorite player in the Association and the #1 Ranked Prospect in the D-League dropped 38 points and led the Big Horns to a playoff victory. Can somebody get this man a contract already? Someone wake Phil Jackson up from his noon nap and have him put in a call to Reno. Let E’ play Sasha Vujacic 1-on-1 for 5 minutes and I’m pretty sure we’ll see there’s better ways we could be spending that money.

Loser: Bubba Watson

Everybody’s least favorite golfer did not have a good weekend at the Masters. You know it’s true because I’m picking him as my golfing loser and not Spieth who went bogey, bogey, quadruple bogey on the back 9 to choke away his second Green Jacket. All that and what happened to Bubba was still much, much worse. I’m not even talking about the fact that he was +9 on the weekend either. I’m talking about this exchange he had with a fan after hitting his ball into the woods on the 10th hole.

Watson, who also declined to talk to the media Saturday, had some fun with the spectators, too. After slicing his drive into the woods on No. 10, Watson asked a patron to give him some room.

“Can you back up, you’re really not supposed to be back here,” he said.

“Neither is your ball,” the fan said.

Aaaaaaand Bubba’s dead.


Winner: The Los Angeles Lakers


Man oh man, what a weekend for the Lakers! Did they win any basketball games? Nooooo. Is the team still garbage and the locker room in shambles? Yessssss. But did they take a step in the right direction by having a field trip to NASA Johnson Space center? YOU BETCHA SALLY BABAY. Best field trip you could possibly go on as a team that acts like elementary school kids. Look how excited Roy Hibbert looks! Enthralled fo sho. Do you Jello Shot. Shit, even Ryan K and Sacre made an appearance! Now, it’s worth noting that none of the people involved in Swaggy P Leaked Video Gate, Metta World Peace, Kobe, and the entire rest of the roster did not show up. But who cares? Look at these Laker smiles.

Greek guy
“Hey check it out, it looks like I’m in space! Mike, take the picture!” – Sacre

major tom
“Ground control to Major Tom…you’ve really made the graaaade” – That guy, probably

Roy Hibbert
“I miss being relevant on the Pacers, but this is a close second” – Roy Hibbert

“I’m the best thing the Lakers have going for them right now” – Ryan K

Loser: People Who Hitched Their Wagon to Credit Reporting Agencies and Criminal Background Check Companies

Admittedly, this is a bitter ex employee of said type of company just having a good ol’ laugh, but I’ll let my man John Oliver do the talking.




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