Friday Night Plights: The Three Day Weekend

Welcome back to everyone’s Friday afternoon Blog. FNP has been on a hiatus of sorts because, well, because nothing is ever as great as you want it to be. You expect to see a FNP blog each Friday and boom I hit you with a few weeks off and your expectations are shattered, welcome to the rest of your life.

So the Three Day Weekend is a beast that usually comes with huge expectations and endless possibilities. I’ve been lucky enough to have 2 three day weekends in a row and let me tell you, only one lived up to the hype. But Let me be clear, I am talking about non holiday Three Day Weekends. Like when you take a “sick day” on Friday. The weekend that was great was a holiday weekend and it had been planned for some time. Little did you know the Spur of the moment/unplanned three day weekend has the same qualities of a long running TV series.

The Pilot

The first hour or so of your impromptu 3-dayer is a riot, everything is funny and anything is possible. You say to yourself “I don’t know where this is going but I like it so far!”

The first 1-3 seasons (FriDAY)

Reality sinks in that you have SO much time on your hands! Everything is still new and great but you start to get a sense of motivation to make something out of this event. You maybe make some plans to go out to dinner, to the bar, heck maybe you just plan to eat some bomb ass pizza that you never get. Whatever it is you really can’t be disappointed. Just the Idea of having all this time is exciting. Along with the fact you aren’t slowing developing carpel tunnel today.

Season 4-5 (Friday Evening)

Happy hour, dinner and a movie, dinner and drinks, happy hour into a night of binge drinking, Happy hour into Pizza, etc. etc. Regardless of the activity this is your rising action and unknowingly your climax of the weekend, especially if you Climax. But even though this will be no different than a regular weekend, you feel like it has some special feeling to it just because you didn’t have to sit at your job all day.

Season 6-7 (Saturday)

Just because you didn’t go to work in the morning and didn’t really do much all day, DOES NOT and DID NOT mean you could stay up until 3am eating pizza and watching It’s Always Sunny. You are just not discovering this fact and it’s not pretty. Hopefully your body is not an asshole and it let you sleep in a little bit but if you’re like me your internal clock never lets you sleep in on the weekend. In a way this is when you’re 3 day weekend is over, it’s just another run of the mill TV Show weekend and your start to question why you are still watching hanging on to hope that it can be something extra.

Season 8 (Sunday Morning)

You sucker! You fell for the old ‘going out twice in one weekend’ trick..again. When will you learn that you are too old to do that? When will you learn that extending a TV series weekend is never a good thing. The weekend loses its luster and the appeal of it is overplayed. You just want the pain to be over.

Season 9 (Sunday Night)

It’s the end of the road and you rather live in season 8 hangover purgatory then live through Monday. You might even get a little emotional as you watch the final episode last few hours tick away towards midnight.


Friday Night Plights Strike again!





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