Panger’s Bangers: Emcee’s Edition

New weekend, new(ish) music on Blog:30. Panger decided to go on a binge with the boys this weekend, so you’re getting my picks. Enjoy.


Zayn dropped his new solo album a few days ago, and this little gem is a clear reminder that he’s no longer an innocent baby boy bander, but that he’s doing the nasty with Gigi Hadid and wants everyone to know about it.


I like this song- you’re not going to get super hyped from it, but it’ll make you dance in a weird folky kind of way-which is good from time to time.


If you’re a twenty-something, Troye Sivan is a nostalgic reminder of the days filled with the angsty, Yellow Card, Dashboard Confessionals, OC kind of music. But it’s new and the kid started on YouTube, so it’s cool, right?






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