Sting Ascends Back Up Into the Rafters Forever


RIP to the career of my second favorite wrestler of all time. Sting was amazing. He was the underdog/vigilante of the WCW, which is what I primarily watched growing up until it’s bitter end. Sting was there from start to finish. He’s been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, which he came back and broke his neck in order to establish. I, alongside the rest of the wrestling universe, would have loved to see Sting in one last match, against the Undertaker, at Wrestlmania.

Now, Shane-O-Mac is a much, much better choice for the future of the company. Shane can quickly reestablish his character, and as his retirement shows us, Sting maybe had one last good match left in him. Still, it would have been fun to see Sting at Mania. Maybe even get Ric Flair involved like the good ol’ days. But alas, the baseball bat is now sitting in the Hall of Fame. He has dropped down from the rafters countless times, only to find himself sitting among the crows, keeping a silent watch on his fans forever. Sleep well, sweet hero, they can’t break your neck any longer.

Best Sting moment? Clearly it’s when he joined the Wolfpack…to this day it’s my favorite Free Agent signing in the history of sports. Even better than when Lebron came back to Cleveland. I text an ol’ college friend every year on the anniversary of this glorious day, we have the same conversation, and both jump down a Sting youtube wormhole. June 1st, 1998. The pinnacle of wrestling.





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