Bull Is Not Please With Kids Playing Next Door


MARYBOROUGH, Australia, March 15 (UPI) — An apparently escaped bull emerged from some woods in Australia to interrupt a youth soccer game and chase a player around the field. 

Video Here

This Bull didn’t “Escape.” He lives right next to the field, he sneaks through those woods every night to go visit the local watering hole with all his buddies. He’s mad because he was hungover as fuck on a Sunday morning when a ton of kids show up screaming and yelling. I’m sure his cow was nagging him to do something about all the noise which is equally as annoying as the children. So he was forced to go over there and say something, only the damn kids were moving so he had to make his presence felt and decided to charge after the little bastards. He almost got one too. He quickly realized he was too drunk to handle all this running and chasing and immediately turned back. He did all he could given his state of inebriation. Just a bull doing what a bulls gotta do.





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