The Knicks are underdogs against the Suns tonight, have officially hit rock bottom

puke phil

So this morning after logging onto my computer I swung over to my sportsbook’s website to check out the nights NBA lines, as is my custom. Having gone 2 for 2 last night I was riding high and feeling great about my skills as a gambler. So I’m looking down the list; Pelicans +8.5 in Charlotte, maybe; Celts -11, nope; Warriors -13 vs the Jazz, actually liked that one; and then I see this:

The fucking Knicks GETTING 2.5pts. from the goddamn 17-46 Phoenix Suns. I don’t care that they’re on the road and I don’t care that it’s the second game of a back to back. If you gamble at all you know the Suns have routinely been themselves getting 12-15pts every night for the better part of two months. Their two best players, Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe, are out for the year and they are actively trying not to win basketball games. They are a bad, bad basketball team. The Knicks going into this game as underdogs is the official check mark that they have reached rock bottom for this year. Honestly this is kind of bittersweet because I think this means Vegas has finally realized just how bad the Knicks actually are. I have been pretty successful betting against them the last month and it will probably be harder to do now. But gambling aside, just as a fan this really hurts. Can someone break into the NBA offices and rewrite the trade deadline rules so we can get Melo traded and at least get some picks back? Being underdogs to the Suns and also not even having a 1st Rd. pick is kind of too much for me to handle. I need to go lie down. #PrayForKristaps.

-Mr. Jersey

PS: Bet your ass I took that +2.5


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