What’s Up Doc

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What’ up Doc,

Straight guy, mid-thirties, looking for more fun dates/sex and less of a “soul mate”-type arrangement. My question is twofold: Is there a way for a guy to announce he’s DTF without coming off like a sleazeball? And if so, what should he say in an online dating profile or message? —Done Trying Friendship

Dear DTF,

So it’s clear that you are a virgin but that’s ok. Maybe hold out a few more years and they can make a movie about you. How do you let people know you are DTF as a guy? There are a lot of different ways but usually just being a guy is enough. You can try being less of a pussy more forward when taking a relationship to a physical level. Honestly, being a virgin in your mid 30’s, you might have to just whip the dick out every now and then. You’ll be surprised how many girls go for that. I would also suggest playing a numbers game. It sounds like you have been trying to go through the friend zone route, which is a virgin rookie mistake. You just gotta lower your standards and start stepping up to the plate. Hit on any girl still in the bar at closing or try a craigslist connection? I mean even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes. Also might want to consider cosmetic surgery and/or acting more confident. Mid 30 virgins are usually uggos or pussies lack confidence, hopefully you are only struggling in one of those departments.

happy fucking,




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