Week 2: Coach’s Hall of Fame for Men


It’s Friday again, which means it’s time for another inductee to the Hall of Fame for Men. This is a prestigious honor reserved for only the manliest of men. Pioneers, chivalrous, dedicated individuals, both real and fictional, dedicated to the craft of having a big ol’ hairy set of cojones. Last week, the inaugural member of the Hall of Fame for Men went to Scott Hall, the WWE’s/world’s premier and best heel.

I want you to close your eyes for a second and picture your ideal man, and yes, both guys and girls can participate. Does he have bulging biceps and thighs that could crack an acorn? Sometimes. Does he have a mustache that you could just roll up in sleep in? Sure, that could be considered manly. Does he enjoy spending time alone, deep in thought wondering how to fix the world problems? I’d like to think so.

But sometimes….sometimes a man has to renounce these manly things in order to fill one of the most important roles in life…and that is being a dad. Dad’s need to be funny, thoughtful, guiding, and still have a little ‘kid’ in them. (I know how that looks, but I stand by it.) Being a father is about advice, friendship, and being a pillar of hope. And sometimes…sometimes being a dad is about taking a hit like a champ and still moving forward with your day. I can think of one TV dad that best exemplifies this style of manliness.







I am pleased to announce that this weeks recipient of Coach’s Hall of Fame for Men goes to none other than Phil Dunphy! The Modern Dad of Modern Family. Congrats Phil! Another accolade to add to your already impressive resume.






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