Girl Proposes To Guy Through Ice Cream and it Went Exactly How You Think it Would

Laugh out loud funny. This is what I’m talking about people. Girl is clearly waiting for the man to propose…and finally just says “fuck it, I’ll propose.” It probably didn’t go exactly how the chivalrous lady expected…but that is EXACTLY how it will happen. Every. Single. Time.

I died laughing when he just casually moved the ring the to the other plate and then went right back into the ice cream. Donald Glover said it best. A guy’s mind essentially wakes up and has three stages.

“Alright I’m up, I want to eat. Did I eat? I want to fuck. Did I fuck? Alright I want to sleep again.”

That’s it. I wish there was more to it…but I just described the best weekend ever. Throw in a guys night with a major sporting event and every guys stress level (assuming they are financially okay, and even then) is at a 0. No planning, no excitement, no problems. Sure, we’ll pretend to have other career and life goals…but that’s mostly because those goals get us out of the house and away from chicks.

That being said, I’m all for girls proposing. It’ll go exactly like this every time, but the aftermath will be one of two reactions. 1) The guy ultimately accepts that he is trapped with a woman (or man) for the rest of his life and potentially gets out of having to buy a $10,000+ rock to symbolize the life commitment before the actual commitment or 2) the guy gets to be a douchebag and breaks off an engagement, setting him free back into the wild. If your comfortable with your masculinity, I say we wait and make the girls propose for a decade. It’ll save us from stupid facebook announcements and we can focus our creativity on more important things…like a hybrid defense to stop the Warriors or a new iPhone app that can detect what’s wrong with your car just by the sounds its making. (Auto-Tune Up, coming soon.)

By the way…ladies, if you were expecting a reaction like the one below.


By him sporting event tickets. (or whatever his version of tickets to sporting events is)




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