Taco from “The League” Releasing an Album with real Music

Via Uproxx: Other than playing the deranged “Taco” on The League, comedian Jon Lajoie is probably best known for his musical comedy videos, which he has been uploading to YouTube for the better part of a decade now. You may be familiar with some of his more popular hits such as “Everyday Normal Guy” or “Please Use This Song.” But the thing about his comedy songs — with a few exceptions — is that they’re actually, well, good. The guy has got a nice voice and can write a decent melody, even if he’s singing about, say, lesbians eating poop out of a cup. So, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Lajoie has finally taken a stab at recording real music, and will be releasing his first album under the name Wolfie’s Just Fine on April 8.

So Jon Lajoie (Taco) is releasing a legitimate musical album and, upset alert, he’s actually pretty damn good? This is like when you were in school and you would see your teacher out in the real world somewhere and it would blow your mind to see them doing regular person stuff. Like you knew they weren’t a teacher 100% of the day and have the same reasons you do to be at a restaurant or the mall but your brain just can’t process seeing them outside of their normal setting. Same thing here. We are all used to Taco turning handguns in to bongs, hanging out with Rafi and Dirty Randy, and creating pee bibs for men (patent pending). I mean hats off to this guy for being so versatile but it’s just gonna be hard to take him seriously as a folk singer. Songs pretty good though and he’s definitely better at being a musician that Mark Duplass (Pete) is at being a serious actor. You seen Togetherness on HBO? Suuuuuuucks.

-Mr. Jersey


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