Melo Tells Fan to Ask Dolan for his Money Back

Via Complex Sports: With four minutes remaining in the Trail Blazers/Knicks game at Madison Square Garden last night, the Knicks were trailing by about 20 points when one fan seated near New York owner James Dolan decided that he had seen enough. So he reportedly started yelling, “You guys suck,” at Carmelo Anthony over and over and over again until the Knicks superstar was finally forced to respond to him. According to the New York Daily News, Carmelo looked up at the fan, pointed at Dolan, and said, “Ask for your money back.”

Losers of 15 of their last 18, 2-6 since Rambis became head coach, no moves at the trade deadline, calling up Jimmer just to have him ride the pine, still no first round pick, and now Melo is arguing with fans again. Life comes at you fast as a Knicks fan. In what feels like the blink of an eye this once promising season that had me writing things like “I Love this Knicks Team” and “Porzingis is the best #4 Pick Ever” (still true) has done what most Knicks seasons do, turned into a dumpster fire.

As for Melo specifically, I think I’m done. Before the deadline I said I liked him as a guy more than as a player, which shouldn’t be a reason not to trade him. Well now I’m pretty sure I don’t even like him as a guy. If he’s not arguing with fans he’s sending out cryptic late night tweets or diving into a three year old beef with Amare. You know what he doesn’t spend anytime doing? Winning. Bro you’re supposed to be a “superstar” and you can’t even sniff an 8 seed in the East? Realistically what level of talent would the Knicks have to bring in to actually be successful with Carmelo on the roster? I’m beyond believing that he can be the focal point of a team and just needs the right pieces around him. At this point him being the #3 guy in a Heat-esque Big Three situation is the only way I ever see him making a deep playoff run. As depressing as it is the only things left to hope for this season are that KP doesn’t get hurt *knock on wood* and that the Knicks continue to freefall to a point where Melo is so frustrated that he’s willing to lift his no trade clause before the draft. Of course his value won’t be nearly as high as it was at the deadline but I’m willing to take anything to get this losers stink away from Porzingis before it infects him permanently.

-Mr. Jersey

PS: Only good thing about the Knicks is that Vegas hasn’t yet realized how truly terrible they are so it’s been pretty easy to win by betting against them.


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