Johnny Manziel on Video obliterated at a strip club


Aaaand I think we can officially close the book on one, Johnny Manziel. Being blacked out in a strip club, alone, on a Monday night, AND getting filmed doing it is just a bridge to far for me. I hung in there with Johnny a long time but it’s really time somebody gets this dude some help. With the amount of things hanging over his head right now you just cannot be this stupid. I’m starting to very highly doubt that even Jerr’uh down in Dallas is going to take a chance on JFF at this point. I’m not even sure we can call him Johnny Football anymore, since he doesn’t really play football. Might have to change that nickname to Johnny Blackout, which is like a nickname you would give to the friend who’s future you feel the worst about. A man in his right mind just simply would not wear this hat.


-Mr. Jersey


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