This Week, On The Left

hilary.pngHookers 4 Hilary 

A group of Nevada sex workers calling themselves Hookers 4 Hillary is trying to arouse interest for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

Some Hookers 4 Hillary not much else to talk about. Probably the closest the Democratic side of this election will get to the GOP circus, Mr Jersey gets to cover. You want a top 5? Alright, fine here you go.



I got nothing for you. The Comedy giant stayed away from clips about the Left this week. (Larry David was probably too tired)

Missed Connections

During an otherwise-standard interview on Real Time With Bill Maher, she gets into trouble when Maher pushes her on why younger women are more supportive of Bernie Sanders than they are of Hillary Clinton. Steinem begins by demurring, noting that every generation of women is radicalized by the issues of their day. She contends that women get more radical as they age and power slips out of their grasp. But then, the fatal moment. She goes on to say, “And when you’re young, you’re thinking, you know, where are the boys? The boys are with Bernie, or, you know …”

So the young female voters are going with Bernie to Impress the young male voters, meanwhile the young male voters are heading to Hillary’s Party assuming that’s where all the chicks will be. Because you know guys will go anywhere they think there are chicks. They could have heard a rumor there were a bunch of chicks on a sinking ship. “Dude I heard there’s a ton of hot chicks on that ship that looks like its sinking!” “Yeah but it a sinking ship” “Bro, hot chicks!” “Alright…”   It’s like two boats passing in the darkness! How sad! So many missed connections!

PS. Not a good soundbite to have as a reknown feminist, Gloria. You gotta clean that up.


(Blog Grade: D-)





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